Be Healthy, Be Wealthy, Be Wise

Goals don’t need to be hard, they need to be achievable

We’d come up with a different way to tackle the common goals we often set in early January: to lose 10 pounds, drink less, exercise more or book an overdue checkup. We resolve to get our finances under better control, to plan for the future or find new ways to increase our income. We set out to be kinder to others, and to spend more time with family and other significant people in our lives. All said, resolutions or goals can grow into quite a list and become overwhelming before we even start working on them.

The catch is, we already know what to do to make changes in our lives. Who doesn’t know that too many trips through the drive-though affects our cholesterol and waistline? Impulse credit card shopping is followed by a heavy bill and less money to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Through experience, we know sharp responses and judgmental comments leads to remorse and apologies owed.

Keep it simple 

Look at the title of this blog. Simple statements and easy to remember, right? Now, just repeat this mantra regularly to yourself and interpret it as it applies to you.

For example, if losing weight is important, mentally file that under the “be healthy” category. Whenever you find yourself reaching for an extra helping, recall the mantra. Does eating more fit with “be healthy?” No. Repeat the mantra. You’ll find by gently reminding yourself of your overall goal, the steps you need to take (eat a healthier diet, substitute exercise for a weekend of TV, book an appointment with a nutritionist) will seem much more manageable.

Be aware of where your money is going

Repeat “be wealthy” while staring at that irresistible bargain and your brain is jolted to reconsider the purchase. Do you really need it? Do you need to build your bank account more? If, like many Canadians, you’re not as prepared for retirement as you’d like, poke around with different savings options or make an appointment with a financial planner. As much as you feel they will judge you, without a doubt they’ve seen people in worse financial shape. You need to start somewhere, if you want to “be wealthy.”

Good finances are not the only sign of wealth

A six figure income means nothing if you are poor otherwise. Do you have poor relationships with adult siblings? Could your interactions with colleagues be improved? Are you active in your community? Wealth also means having solid relationships, contributing to society and growing and maintaining friendships.

“Be wise” means everything from engaging your brain before speaking, to making good choices in activities, friends, jobs and habits. You know your shortcomings, so make this the time you recognize it’s up to you and you alone, to make better decisions. It’s wise to reserve judgement before you know the facts, it’s wise to choose to spend time with your kids, and it’s wise to pick up the phone and admit you were wrong. Now is the time to take responsibility for your actions by making wise choices.

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