Counselling Support—Just the Way You Like it


Most of us have a preference for how we take our coffee or tea. Black, cream, sugar, honey, lemon, soy or almond milk—the possibilities are really only limited to our imaginations. It should come as no surprise then, that this also rings true for how we like to receive counselling support.

Do you like to be face to face with your counsellor in the same space? Or is video chat or phone more your speed? Just as Jerry Maguire was ‘good in the living room’, we all have our preferences. Luckily, it turns out that how you choose to access that support has less bearing on the benefits you’ll receive from it than you might imagine.

In fact, studies have shown the connection between client and counsellor, client retention as well as client outcomes are comparable between in person and video counselling. Both delivery methods were reported to be effective in significantly reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress while improving quality of life.

In some cases, video counselling showed some surprising added benefits, including greater participation during the sessions, more spontaneity and a safe space for those who are uncomfortable with others or who are typically isolated.

While phone counselling didn’t perform as well as other modes by comparison, evidence suggested that the client/counsellor connection was able to develop even without face-to-face interaction.

With Arete, we know that you are unique and your preferences are as well. Our programs are set up to ensure we meet you where you are so you can realize the results that get you back to your most resilient self. And no matter your preferred delivery method, the most important thing to remember is to access support when you need it.

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