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Why Your Organization Has an Employee or Member Assistance Program from Arete®

Sometimes personal or work-related issues can affect your well-being and how you perform your job. Your organization recognizes that by providing you with access to excellent guidance and support, you’ll feel more like yourself again, sooner. This helps you, and it also helps your work.

Arete manages this program on behalf of your organization’s group insurance provider. We’ll help you deal with the challenges you face, which may include:

  • Dependency concerns
  • Work-related difficulties
  • Personal problems
  • Eldercare issues
  • Childcare information
  • Legal issues
  • Financial concerns
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Family challenges

All our programs are built with a focus of getting to the true source of an issue, and to provide you with practical support.

Do You Need Immediate Help?

If you are experiencing a crisis situation:

Please go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.

About Arive®

The Arive Employee/Member Assistance Program supports employees/members and their families through a self-referral counselling process.

Whenever personal problems, work-related stresses, issues affecting mental health or financial and legal dilemmas affect a person’s well-being and performance on the job, individuals covered through Arive have a place to turn for professional guidance.

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Arive – Employee Assistance Program Brochure (PDF)

FAQs for Individuals

How do I know what program I’m covered under?

Call us – it’s the fastest way to find out which of our programs you’re covered under. It helps if you have your group/firm or individual certificate number ready, but it’s not essential.

You can reach us at 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646.

How confidential is this service?

Respect for your privacy starts as soon as you contact us. All Arete® employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement and any personal information about you is collected in accordance with privacy legislation.

After your signed consent form is returned by your counsellor, subsequent communications never include your name or other identifying information. Instead, a confidential client coding system is used to protect your privacy. Details on the nature and content of your counselling sessions cannot be shared with anyone without your written consent, which you can revoke at any time.

Your counsellor is governed by their professional association’s code of conduct and ethics requirements, which are in place to protect your privacy.

Arete is, however, legally and ethically obligated to divulge certain information under special circumstances. Under provincial and Canadian law, confidentiality cannot always be maintained in instances where it is determined that you may present risk of harm to yourself and/or others, disclose child abuse, or if your file is requested by a court order.

Please note that on occasion, your employer may be provided with high level, program usage reports. These reports never include any information that could be used to identify individuals. In fact, if there is any risk of exposure at all, we simply don’t issue them. Your privacy comes first.

I’m concerned that my employer will find out I’m going for counselling and hold it against me. Should I be worried?

You don’t need to ask your employer for permission to call us and unless you tell them, they won’t know. Counselling sessions can be arranged outside working hours if that makes it easier for you.

Congratulations on deciding to access this support. You’re not alone if you are struggling with issues affecting your sense of well-being. For example, every year one in five Canadians will find themselves facing issues that impact their mental wellness.

Your employer knows stress and responsibilities can sometimes affect productivity, which is why they added an Employee or Member Assistance Program to your group benefits package. It’s there for you to use. They want you to use it.

How many hours of counselling can I access each year?

The number of hours you can access depends on which program you are covered under.

Employees or members covered by the Arive® assistance program, for example, are provided with up to twelve hours of counselling each calendar year and also have access to additional consultation hours for personal legal, financial, nutritional and other issues.

If you are not sure which program you have or want to confirm available hours, call us and we will find out: 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646.

The majority of our clients find that after just a few sessions they have the tools they need to address the issue at hand. We have excellent, professionally trained counsellors who will help you develop practical strategies.

During your sessions, you and your counsellor will discuss your progress and in the rare case where additional time might be needed, we will do our best to arrange it.

I just don’t think my counsellor “gets” me. I’ve seen him twice now and he keeps diverting sessions toward subjects I’d rather not discuss. Can I work with someone else instead?

Yes, you can certainly request a change in counsellors. It’s something we offer at no charge to all our clients because a good fit is important.

But before you do, ask yourself why you are feeling uncomfortable. A counsellor will sometimes ask us to look at areas of our lives they suspect may be the root cause of a symptom. A good counsellor is there to listen, but is also highly trained to help us move forward by dealing with matters that may be uncomfortable.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your counselling, you are always welcome to call us at 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646. We’ll listen and work with you to find a solution.

Can I get help for problems with my son? His behaviour is affecting the whole family and something has to change!

If you are covered by our Arive® Employee or Member Assistance Programs, your counselling hours can be shared between all eligible family members. This means he can get the help he needs, and you can also speak to a professional to help you develop strategies and ways to better cope.

It’s best to speak with one of our highly trained Arete® staff to explain what’s going on. They are very good at helping determine the right approach and will set you up with the best counselling arrangement possible.

Besides personal counselling and consulting on legal, financial, nutritional and other concerns, what other support do you provide?

There’s so much information available on the internet. It seems everywhere you look, you can get multiple opinions on the same subject, take an online quiz to self-diagnose, or supposedly get all your problems solved in three mouse clicks.

We recommend reputable websites with content based on thorough research. For example, the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association are great places to start when looking for more information about mental wellness. You can trust what you learn there.

We use these and other reputable associations as sources for our Life and Work Blog content and Health Sense bulletins. These resources offer practical views and suggestions on how to deal with common—and some uncommon—situations.


In addition to our videos and podcast, check out our reading resources.

Health Sense

Sometimes a little advice or some fresh ideas can make a difference when you run into a situation that threatens to throw things off. Our Health Sense series offers you practical suggestions in a down-to-earth style.

New topics are added regularly, so check back often. Here’s a sample of some recent Health Sense bulletins.

Oversharing at Work

Sharing is a good thing, right? It certainly is, if you’re referring to good news, great results, wealth or happiness! What about at work?

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The Life and Work Blog

It’s simple, really. We believe a healthy organization means a healthy work environment. And a healthy work environment is one where people feel valued, can be productive, have fun and thrive. Right?

Our Life and Work Blog includes wellness tips, ideas about how to handle challenging work situations, and invites you to ask questions of our CEO, Allan Stordy. Here’s a sample of what our blog offers:

One Person’s Journey Back to Work after Depression

I stared at the black hole, climbed down a bit, then slowly made my way back up. Work plays an important part in our mental health. It adds to our sense of identity, satisfaction and self-worth. The longer a person is off the job because of absence rooted in a mental...

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Five Lies Eating Disorders Tell Their Sufferers

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Contact Us

If you’re covered by one of our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or Member Assistance Programs (MAP), you and your family members have a place to turn if you need help.

Call us and you’ll be connected with confidential, professional guidance at no cost to you. Make the call. You’ll be glad you did.


1 877 412-7483

1 877 922-8646

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