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As a business client, we know how important it is to have access to top notch support, whenever you need it. In order to ensure that’s exactly the kind of experience Arete clients receive, it’s important for us to regularly take stock of how we’re doing and find ways to continuously improve our services.

To this end, we engage an independent research firm, Workreach Lab, to constantly measure and highlight service delivery factors that impact outcomes for our clients. One of the ways Workreach Lab does this is through the delivery of an anonymous, voluntary survey conducted after clients have accessed the Arete Business Assistance Program support and their file has been closed.

The results have been assessed for all surveys completed in 2020 and we are very pleased that, despite the significant challenges faced due to COVID, we continued to meet and exceed previous year results. Here’s what we learned:

Intake Experience
  • 78% immediately reached an Arete intake coordinator, with the remaining 22% within 24 hours
  • 99% reported positive experiences with Arete intake staff (92% provided the highest possible rating)
  • 98% reported experiencing positive feelings (feeling reassured/understood) after speaking with an Arete intake coordinator
Experience with Arete Professionals


  • 99% reported a timely and convenient booking experience with their professional
  • 78% of users had their appointment(s) within 2-7 days of their intake call

Employer-referred Counselling

  • 92% reported their counsellor focused on finding concrete solutions to their presenting problem(s)
  • The vast majority (93%) reported some problem resolution
  • 88% reported that counselling contributed to improvements at work
  • Of those who had been on disability or absent from work when counselling began and returned to work during or shortly after using the services, all reported that counselling helped in the return to work

Human Resources Support

  • 99% of users reported their questions were answered to their satisfaction

Legal Guidance

  • 82% of users reported their questions were answered to their satisfaction

Financial Guidance

  • 86% of users reported their questions were answered to their satisfaction
Experience Using the Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB) Website
  • 100% of users found the site easy to navigate and the information and resources clearly presented and valuable.
Client Satisfaction
  • Overall employee satisfaction rating with the counselling service: 8.5 out of 10
  • 90% stated they would access Arete business services again


It’s so important to us that our clients have the best possible experience with every touchpoint at Arete—from their first call to their final consultation and follow-up survey. As a means to achieve that goal, we share these results with our Clinical Services intake team and the professionals in our network to ensure we’re working together to continuously improve our services, processes and approaches for our clients. Ultimately, we want our services to contribute to your thriving, resilient business, and we’re always on the hunt for ways to remove barriers and make your experience even better.

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