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As a small business owner, you and your team often have to wear many hats—hats you never imagined needing to wear or roles you weren’t specifically trained for. While most of the time we find ways to make things work, there are inevitably times that your team needs training or support that you simply don’t have the internal resources to provide.

At Arete—a national provider of assistance services for employees, post-secondary students, retirees and businesses and organizations—we understand this challenge like no other. With more than a decade of experience supporting small to medium-sized businesses and as a small business ourselves, we understand the kinds of issues you face.


What is the eCatalogue?

That’s why we created the eCatalogue—to provide accessible, professional resources to address the challenges we all face. We partnered with experts in the areas of mental health, respect, workplace wellness and workplace fairness and conflict management to offer courses for leaders, supervisors and employees alike that were both easy to access and affordable. Users simply choose the course most interesting or helpful to them, complete and submit the form and we take care of the rest.

The delivery method has been so successful in fact, that the Mental Health Commission of Canada has entered into an unprecedented partnership with us to offer their Working Mind Virtual program—an evidence-based system designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace—through the Arete eCatalogue.


What kinds of resources can I find?

We have a wide variety of resources available from our partner experts designed to address human resources issues of all types—even before they happen. The list is updated regularly as new offerings become available, but our resources currently include:

  • Antiracism—Understanding Microaggressions and Fragility
  • Building an Employee Experience Strategy
  • Building Trust at Work
  • Change Fatigue
  • Conflict to Innovation—Creative Change Can Emerge from Conflict
  • Effective Team Dynamics
  • Influencing Without Authority or Power
  • Mental Fitness 101
  • Mental Fitness Lab Showcase
  • Preparing for the Performance Conversation
  • Psychological Health and Safety Foundation
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Returning to the Office—Managing Stress and Uncertainty
  • Say What You Mean Without the ‘Mean’
  • Shift from Debate to Dialogue
  • Shifting Conflict Styles Can Shift Conflict
  • Shift Team Thinking Through Storytelling
  • Social Justice—Exploring Privilege and Fragility
  • Supporting Clients—Building Better Relationships
  • The Feedback Loop
  • The Working Mind Virtual
  • Tools for Managing Difficult Behaviours
  • Work 2.0 Reboot—Return to Work
  • Work Smarter not Harder


What’s next?

If you’re facing a challenge or just looking for development opportunities for yourself, your management team or staff, be sure to make your first stop the Arete eCatalogue—the solution could be as simple as clicking ‘submit’.

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