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Interested in an organization that is in the business of understanding people and putting them first? You’ve come to the right place.

The Arete team leads by example. We make sure that we’re always holding one another accountable to our values, and that we stay true our fundamental goal of building resilience—in the individuals and organizations we support as well as in ourselves.

Our Values

In addition to enjoying a flexible work environment and competitive total compensation package, members of the Arete team:

• care about people.

We believe that people matter most, so we work hard to make sure that individuals—and the organizations who support them—drive our decisions every day.

• are agile and adaptable.

One size simply doesn’t fit all. We are built to be flexible in all the ways we need to be, while ensuring we offer a consistently excellent, uniquely human experience across all our interactions.

• lead with integrity.

Honesty and transparency are behavioral cornerstones at Arete. These qualities are incredibly important to us, so we make sure they are always at the heart of our work—and lead the way as we deliver on our promises.

• are good business partners.

Solving a personal or business challenge is more easily achieved by working collaboratively and towards a shared purpose. When we work effectively together, we secure enduring value for organizations, their people and one another.

• trust and respect each other.

Trust and respect create a solid footing for all healthy personal and professional relationships. With this in mind, we strive to build authentic relationships to ensure our outcomes are always human-centred and delivered in ways we can stand behind.

Our Team

Here’s what our staff have to say about working at Arete:

“I’m so proud to be part of Arete. This team genuinely lives our organizational values and it’s something that I feel the immense, positive impact of—every, single day.”
~ Gillian W.

“Arete truly values our professional relationships—with clients, service providers and users—and always supports and encourages me to focus on helping others to be their best.”
~ Ben S.

“To me, Arete is more than a great employer—it’s a united team where people come first. The work we do to support our clients is so important, and it’s such a reward to be a part of that.”
~ Cathy R.

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