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As a group insurance advisor, we know you juggle many clients and a myriad of challenges and products. We believe the more clients (and their employees) understand how their assistance programs work, the easier your job will be, and the more they will use the program to everyone’s benefit.

We build our products so that you can feel confident you’re providing your clients with the best value for their investment, and that their experience with us will be exceptional.

Our Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (Arive®)

Arive helps organizations support employees or members and their families through a high-quality, confidential counselling system and access to specialized guidance (legal, financial, etc).

The benefit?
Improves health, productivity and engagement among employees as well as savings realized across other lines of benefits.

Retiree Assistance Program (ARAP™)

ARAP helps Canadian organizations with retiree programs provide high-quality, confidential counselling and specialized guidance to support this growing demographic.

The benefit?
Supports retirees with the unique challenges they face in retirement—helping them to be resilient throughout this life stage and enjoy a healthy and positive retirement experience.

Hugr Authentic Connections

Hugr Authentic Connections is a mental wellness app designed to help people feel connected. With premium features offered through Arete as Hugr’s preferred provider, the self guided digital program can help users measure their level of social connection, discover how to build and maintain authentic connections and regularly share how they’re feeling with those closest to them.

The benefit?
Reduces stigma and helps employees develop psychologically safe and meaningful social connections at work and home resulting in higher engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

Business Assistance Program (Acumin®)

Businesses without financial resources for complex human resources, legal and financial guidance can use Acumin to gain access to curated resources as well as telephone support from Canadian experts in these fields.

The benefit?
Combines access to a carefully curated online library of business information and resources with one-on-one telephone guidance from experts who understand the challenges businesses face.

Claims Assistance Program (Resolv®)

Available to individuals with home and/or auto insurance, Resolv offers an effective claims management tool for adjusters. Through Resolv, adjusters can offer affected members counselling support with the goal of achieving a swift claims resolution for everyone.

The benefit?
Claims are resolved quickly and from a people-centered perspective, and experiences for both the claimant and claims adjuster are improved as a result.

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If you’d like to talk through any of the products or resources on this page, would like support at a client presentation or just have a question you’d like addressed, contact us today.

Resources for Advisors

Taking Care of Your Business. A look into how we took care of our Arete Business Assistance Program users in 2019.

The Results are In. A look into how we took care of our Arete Employee Assistance Program (EAP) users in 2019.

Mental Health in the Workplace. Use this infographic to highlight for your clients the research-backed numbers that demonstrate the value of Employee Assistance Programs.

The Arete Difference. This infographic illustrates how our focus on developing practical solutions translates into clients staying at work and returning to work.

Employer ROI for the Arete Employee Assistance Program. See the significant return an investment in the Arive EAP can have on staff—and the business.

The Value of the Arete EAP. This infographic provides highlights from independent research that shows the positive impact of the Arete EAP on work absence, LTD and drug claims.

The Proven Impact of Arete. See highlights of the first known independent research study in Canada with a control group of non-Employee Assistance Program users. Hint: it confirms positive outcomes for Arete Employee Assistance Program clients.

Here are answers to a few questions we get often:

What can my clients expect when they call for assistance?

Your clients will be a phone call or click away from superior support, whenever they need access to it.

Business assistance clients will*:

  1. Call us at 1-877-412-7483 and provide their policy number.
  2. A member of our intake team will actively listen to their concerns and will work with them to identify and match them with the human resources, legal or financial professional best suited to meet their needs and most likely to produce a successful outcome.
  3. For business clients looking to refer employees who are struggling, we have an extensive Canadian counsellor network that can provide the timely and confidential support employees need—either through phone, video or in-person sessions—whenever they need it.
  4. Business clients will also have access to the Healthy Business Bookmark—a carefully curated online library of business information and resources (including sample forms, how-to guides, podcasts and videos) they can access at any time to supplement the professional telephone guidance.

*While their experience will always be exceptional, services may vary by plan.


Employees covered under an assistance program will:

  1. Call us at 1-877-412-7483 and provide their certificate and policy number.
  2. Rather than just providing a list of area counsellors, our intake team will actively listen to callers’ concerns and work with them to identify and match them with the professional best suited to meet their needs and most likely to produce a successful outcome.
  3. Our Canadian counsellor network is extensive and will provide the kind of confidential support you’d want for your own family—however, and wherever they need it.
  4. Note that employees can access support in person, by phone or video.
What kind of support can I expect to receive from Arete?

Like your clients, you are merely a phone call or click away from superior support, whenever you need access to it.

In addition, we provide all advisors:

  1. Simple materials to help you easily demonstrate the added value of Arete products and potentially increase your business revenue.
  2. High touch support from a dedicated Program Management Advisor who understands your needs and the marketplace.
  3. The opportunity for in-person or digital information sessions to help meet your client’s needs.
  4. Access to unique products that can differentiate you and solidify your reputation as a problem solver for your clients.
  5. Confidence that Arete products and services are research-backed and proven to improve business results.
  6. Problem solving navigation and support for questions around reporting and utilization, promotion and more.

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