For Professionals

If you’re one of our national network of professional experts—whether a psychologist, therapist, legal or financial expert, nutritionist, eldercare consultant, workplace wellness consultant or human resources specialist—we’re so glad you’re part of our team.

The work you do to support our individuals, retirees and organizations, and the confidential, respectful and professional way that you carry out that work, ensures the Arete team of experts will continue to set the highest standard for assistance programs in Canada for a long time to come.

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Join Us

You’re interested in joining the Arete Professional Network of Experts? Wonderful!

Because we want an incredible experience for our clients, and the role our professional experts play is so important to the work we do, we only accept:

counselling professionals who:
  • Hold either a master’s or PhD degree in their field of practice
  • Provide annual proof they are a member in good standing of a relevant professional registering body, indicating compliance with the appropriate code of ethics and legislation
  • Can provide annual proof of a minimum of $2 million in professional practice insurance per incident/claim
  • Are fluent in English, French or both
  • Have a minimum of five years post-graduate counselling experience
  • Are a good fit with the Arete ‘people-first’ culture
other professionals who:
  • Provide annual proof they are a member in good standing of a relevant professional registering body, indicating compliance with the appropriate code of ethics and legislation
  • Are fluent in English, French or both
  • Are a good fit with the Arete ‘people-first’ culture 
  • For additional criteria relevant to your specific field of practice, please contact us

Sound like a good fit? Get in touch to find out more or request an information package to begin the process. 

Contact Us

If you have questions not addressed through the FAQs, contact us today. 

Resources for Professionals

Consent Form. This form must be completed and signed during your initial meeting with each new client and returned to us.

Sample Invoice Template. This template includes an invoice on the first tab and instructions on the second tab, making it easy to create an invoice that meets our billing requirements.

Change of Address Form. Moved? Complete a Change of Address Form and we’ll add this information to your professional summary, which is used to match you with clients.

What is the general process when working with an Arete client?

The basics of our process are as follows:


The client calls Arete to request support.

  • We carefully review our referral network to determine the best fit. We work hard to ensure our clients are always connected to the professional best suited to meet their needs. This means there is no guarantee that professionals will receive a specific number of referrals within a given time period.
  • We check with the counsellor to see if they can accept the referral.
  • Once accepted, we send you a referral package via email with the client’s first name and last initial only, along with a confidential code.
  • We pass your contact information to the client, to enable them to initiate contact. We encourage clients to take ownership for their health and well-being. That’s why proactively booking an appointment with you is a part of our process.

The client calls you and books the initial appointment.

  • You collect contact information from the client and provide them with your office location.
  • You provide us with the date of the initial appointment.If they haven’t called after a week, please advise us and we’ll follow up.



First session:

Subsequent sessions:

  • Enter the session reports in e-Tera and email an invoice, minimum monthly.



  • Enter the treatment conclusion information in e-Tera, which will close the file.
  • Note that we will follow up after 60 days of inactivity to check in on the counselling status and to ensure timely file closure.
I'm a counsellor currently seeing a private client who is able to access counselling coverage through Arete—what should I do?

If you’re already a member of the Arete professional network, please ask your client to call us at 1-877-412-7483 so we can verify their status and start their session coverage.

If you are not already a member of our network, you will need to be approved as an Arete service provider

I've added a new specialization to my practice. Is there any way to note this in your database?

Yes, you can email any new training or areas of practice to We’ll add this information to your professional summary, which is used to match you with clients.

Why do I need to send annual proof of my registration and insurance?

Our professional counsellors must be in good standing with their insurance and professional associations. Ensuring both insurance and professional registration are up to date on an annual basis protects the interests of the individuals you support on our behalf.

We must also be able to provide copies of your proof of insurance and registration to our clients, or the insurance company under which clients are covered, if requested. Since professionals may decide not to renew coverage/registration, and would therefore no longer meet our requirements, we ask for annual proof of current status in both these areas.

What is Arete’s billing process?

In a nutshell, at the end of each month, we pay you for work completed during the previous month or before. Here are a few reminders:


  1. Email your invoices by the end of the month to, or fax to 1-403-252-6161.
  2. Invoices must:
    • be separate for each client you assist (this helps us to track and locate payment records as well as maintain the integrity of our records),
    • include a unique invoice number for each invoice,
    • include a reference to the confidential client code, and
    • not include client names.
  3. You can use our Sample Invoice Template which includes a sample invoice on the first tab and instructions on the second tab, making it easy to create invoices that align with our billing.
  4. Invoices will not be paid unless:
    • your corresponding reports are up to date by the end of the month, and
    • there is a signed Consent Form on file with us.
  5. Note:
    • Late cancellation and no-show fees are billable directly to the client.
    • Invoices submitted 90 days past due will not be paid.
    • We do not send end-of-year tax receipts.

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