About our Business Assistance Program Professionals


Three Things to Know About our Business Assistance Program Professionals


Whether you’ve already connected with one of our amazing professionals in our business assistance program with a question or are contemplating it, here are three things you should know about this invaluable service.


1. Quality is our priority.

Because you, your business and your employees are the reason we do what we do, it’s so important that every touchpoint with and through Arete offers you an incredible experience. A big part of that includes finding top quality professionals for our network.

For financial and legal professionals, we only accept professionals who:

  • Provide annual proof they’re a member in good standing of a relevant professional registering body, indicating compliance with the appropriate code of ethics and legislation.
    • Federation of Law Societies of Canada, provincial societies
    • Chartered Professional Accountants Canada
  • Are fluent in English, French or both.
  • Embrace our ‘people-first’ culture.

When it comes to our human resources (HR) experts (many of whom are executive coaches), you know you’re in good hands because our HR professionals:

  • Possess at least a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation or equivalent educational and/or professional track-record.
  • Have experience with small to large businesses and a wide variety of sectors including government, education, financial services, consulting, information technology, manufacturing, health care and telecommunications.
  • Secured advanced security clearances.


2. We strive for barrier-free access.

Whether you’re a small business owner or your business spans across the country, we want the support and guidance you receive from our business assistance program to reflect that. Most of our financial and legal professionals are eligible to practice across Canadian provincial and territorial jurisdictions. In specific cases, we can also recruit specialists to ensure you’re getting support that’s right for you and your challenges.


3. Our professionals can support you with a wide array of topics.

If you’re struggling with a business challenge like the ones listed below (or anything else in these topic areas that’s proving difficult to manage), don’t worry—we’ve got someone who can help.

Common financial/legal inquiries
Common HR inquiries
  • Labour standards
  • Challenging employees
  • Employer obligations
  • Contracts
  • Leaves
  • Onboarding and probationary periods
  • Terminations


Now that you know more about the top-level professionals in our network roster and what they can help with, the next step is simply to get in touch! Our experts are eager to help to you navigate the challenges you may be facing with your business’ unique needs in mind.

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