Arete Arive: The Key to Resilience


If you’ve ever had a conversation about mental health or organizational wellness you’ve likely heard of the term resilience—everyone wants to be resilient! But what does it mean to be resilient, and how does that translate into benefits to a person’s life and work?

At Arete, it’s incredibly important to us to understand the impact our services have on the clients who access them. Enter the Resilience Report. Based on Arete data that’s independently collected and analyzed by Workreach Lab, the report  assessed changes in clients’ resilience—their ability to bounce back or recover from stress and adversity and their ability to cope—before and after using the Arive Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

This summary document shares key findings from the report and highlights the significant connection between the Arive EAP and improved resilience in clients who accessed support, along with a number of related benefits, including employees who are better able to cope and recover through future challenges. That’s great news for both employees accessing support and the businesses who invest in their well-being.

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