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Episode 53 – Mental Health in Senior Years

Dips in mental health are not just part of getting older. The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Denise Waligora explains how to best support seniors’ whole health.

Episode 45 – Managing Your Mental Health in a Pandemic

Learning how to deal with the challenging feelings the COVID-19 pandemic can cause. Psychologist Dr. Deanne Simms with the Canadian Mental Health Association explores how the pandemic is playing out on people’s mental health and how to ease the strain.

Episode 44 – Effectively Responding to Illness Outbreaks at Work

Employment Lawyer Ryan Watkins explores the implications for workplaces when it comes to illnesses like Coronavirus / COVID-19. He explains how to best plan ahead and help maintain workplace wellness for all.

Episode 43 – Waking Up to Workplace Fatigue

Sleep and the lack of it impacts all aspects of daily life–personal and professional. Fatigue Risk Management expert Susan Sawatzky understands the true cost sleep debt can have on a person and their workplace. She shares what can be done about it.

Episode 42 – Takeaways to Take into 2020

From the importance of food on mental health to childhood trauma’s impact on brain development, our various guests have shared many valuable insights in 2019. We listen back to the top five takeaways from the year, to get you ready for 2020.

Episode 41 – Leading Through Personal Values

From the cleaning staff to CEO, anyone can be a leader at work. Leadership speaker and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Drew Dudley shares how to empower every member of an organization to lead by living their own personal values.

Episode 40 – Courageous Workplaces

Creating a psychologically safe work environment is a challenge that takes leadership commitment and courage from everyone in the organization. When things don’t go as planned, workplace investigations can be a part of creating healthy and strong job sites. Bob Stenhouse shares how fostering courage in all staff benefits an organization’s well-being and bottom line.

Episode 39 – Childhood Trauma Shapes the Brain

Abuse and neglect can change how the brain develops early in life. Dr. Bruce Perry shares why traumatic experiences alter the biology of a child’s brain and how relationships can help with healing.

Episode 38 – The Importance of Asking a Coworker About Mental Health

The established trust between work colleagues can be the best starting place when addressing mental health issues in the workplace. The Grande Prairie Suicide Prevention Centre’s Shane Anderson shares how best to get talking about mental health.

Episode 37 – Creating Connection by Establishing Boundaries

Boundaries are not about shutting people out; they provide clarity and can help build trust. Marriage and family therapist, Kirsten Kachuk, explains how to understand and integrate healthy boundaries into everyday life and work.

Episode 36 – The Psychological Hazard of Bullying in the Workplace

Ensuring the workplace is safe from psychological hazards is vital for a healthy workplace. Alberta Bullying Research, Resources and Recovery Centre’s Linda Crockett shares how to build a job environment free of bullying.

Episode 35 – Hack Your Habits

Habits can boost or hamper productivity. Chiropractor and wellness consultant, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp shares tips on how to go from just being interested in altering your behaviour to truly committing and implementing new habits, detailed in her book Hack Your Health Habits.

Episode 34 – Recovery-friendly Workplaces are Healthy Workplaces

Workplaces can actually help those healing from an addiction. But the job site needs to be recovery-informed in order to benefit everyone, says Dr. Ray Baker. This addiction medicine specialist with more than 30 years in the field explains how and why.

Episode 33 – Boost Productivity with Self Care

Looking after yourself is vital for personal and professional success. Counsellor Kathleen Gorman leads workshops on the significance of self care and shares tips and ideas on how to integrate it into your life and work today.

Episode 32 – Nutrition in Mind

Eating for whole health can be lost when concentrating on weight loss or physical fitness. Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a Professor Emerita at the Cumming School of Medicine (University of Calgary) explains the importance of eating for mental health.

Episode 31 – Factoring in Failure for Success

Understanding and harnessing the benefits of failure has helped Dr. Bill Howatt, Chief of Research at Conference Board of Canada, succeed professionally and personally. He shares how to factor failing into everyday life to find success.

Episode 30 – Mobilizing Mental Health with Trauma in Mind

Canada’s first female infantry officer, Sandra Perron, continues to use her military experience as she trains business leaders and employees to focus on Trauma Informed Care and support. She shares the way trauma affected her and how she mobilizes her PTSD to help others.

Episode 29 – Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors in Their Healing

Providing support for survivors of sexual assault, isn’t one size fits all. Monika Penner, a register provisional psychologist at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) shares how coworkers, friends and family can help, not hinder, the healing process.

Episode 28 – The Emotional and Physical Impact of Lyme Disease

30% of Lyme Disease sufferers don’t get the distinctive bullseye rash when they’re infected. Voices of Canadians about Lyme Disease (VOCAL)’s Lesley Fleming outlines the challenges of getting a diagnosis and treatment, when the symptoms experienced only mirror that of the flu or other common ailments.

The Emotional and Physical Impact of Lyme Disease

Episode 27 – How Young Canadians Use Cannabis

Cannabis will become legal across Canada in October 2018. Curious about the impacts this will have on the country’s youth, Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Calgary, Dr. Jacqueline Smith led a study. She joins us to explain the findings and how they apply across the nation.

Episode 26 – Real Grief: The True Impact of Losing a Beloved Companion Animal

Veterinarian Dr. Lianna Titcombe explains the substantial process required by some to grieve the death of a beloved family member – the pet. She explains how to best support a bereaved pet owner at work and at home.

Episode 25 – Can Annoying Behaviour Be Grounds for Termination?

The loud talker, the over-sharer, the control freak – when do annoying habits become too much and management needs to intervene? Attorney Matthew Certosimo knows and shares – from his book, Just Cause: The Law of Summary Dismissal in Canada.

Episode 24 – Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement: How to Effectively Plan Your Future Years

Retire to something, not from something – it’s the new approach to transitioning away from working life, that The Retirement Education Centre‘s Av Lieberman discusses with his clients. He shares how to successfully prepare for this important next phase in life.

Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement: How to Effectively Plan Your Future Years

Episode 23 – The Mental Impact of the Job: Cultivating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

The mental impact of the workplace is at the core of Dr. Martin Shain‘s work. Although he’s been championing safe workplaces throughout his career and contributed to the creation of the National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety, he feels there’s still more to do. He shares what Canadian workplaces have accomplished and what’s left unfinished.

Episode 22 – Cancer and Work

More than 500 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer each day – many of them are actively employed. Health research and strategy consultant, Chris Bonnett, provides insight on how employers and employees can prepare and adapt to better deal with this chronic disease.

Episode 21 – Managing Diabetes: What Our Ancestors Have to Teach Us about Our Health

Diabetes is a family disease. Managing it effectively works when the whole family is engaged in learning why this disease was not epidemic to our ancestors. Certified Diabetes Educator, Devon Guy, shares how members of the Tsuut’ina Nation, southwest of Calgary, Alberta, are addressing this chronic condition. What she’s learned has potential implications for all Canadians.

Episode 20 – The Value of Disability Management in the Workplace

Effective management of mental health issues and chronic conditions can bring benefits to the workplace. Judy Plotkin, a certified trauma counsellor and the Vice President of Strategy and Growth at ReedGroup Canada, explains how bridging the gap between the business world and social work uncovers the value of accommodating disabilities at work.

Episode 19 – Making Sure You’re Covered: The Importance of Disability Insurance

Many people don’t think or care about disability coverage until they need it. Insurance broker Dave Patriarche outlines how employees and employers can protect themselves.

Episode 18 – A Global Perspective: Not All Health Insurance is Created Equal

Denis Garand knows medical coverage varies widely and wildly across the globe as he’s consulted and advised insurance regulators in more than 30 countries. He shares his understanding of the global landscape of health insurance and how Canada’s measures up.

Episode 17 – Building a Career by Serving the Community

Public service is at the heart of everything Dr. Charles Jago does. From starting the Northern Medical Program to being President at University of Northern British Columbia, he’s kept community as his focus throughout. He shares how and why.

Episode 16 – Cultivating Emotional Intelligence on the Job

Everything is emotional – even on the job. Leadership development specialist David Cory explains why all issues organizations face stem from emotions, and how to cultivate emotional intelligence (or “emotional quotient” – EQ) to address them.

Episode 15 – Coping When Grief Shows Up at Work

Feelings of loss can come up while you’re working at your desk, in a staff meeting or during your commute. Hospice Yukon’s Anne Macaire shares how workplaces are impacted by grief and how mourning can be facilitated.

Episode 14 – Managing Life with a Chronic Condition

Chronic conditions impact people both physically and mentally. The majority of Canadians are affected by a chronic health condition, either personally or indirectly. With his focus on inflammatory arthritis, Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy helps his patients navigate life with long-term ailments. He shares how to manage while living (and working) with a serious condition.

Episode 13 – Productivity Down? Smartphones and Emails Aren’t the Enemy

What we know about productivity (or we think we know) hasn’t kept up with technology on the job. Workplace coach, Hugh Culver outlines how people can embrace new ways to boost productivity.

Episode 12 – Have a ​L​augh! ​How Humour Helps Build a Positive and Productive Workplace

Fostering humour in the workplace can build trust, creativity and productivity and even lower employee turnover rate. Workplace consultant and author of the The Humor Advantage, Michael Kerr explains how having a laugh can impact all aspects of a business.

Episode 11 – How to Thrive on Earth – Astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk Discusses Resiliency

Space travel has made Dr. Robert Thirsk well equipped for life here on planet​ Earth. The seasoned astronaut, physician, mechanical engineer and University of Calgary chancellor explains how he’s built his career through resiliency and self-management.

Episode 10 – Human Resources – A Necessity, Not Luxury for Business Success

Businesses are made up of people and managing them well is essential for success. Terri Harrison, co-founder of tap Strategy and HR Consulting explains how a business – no matter how small or new – can plan for their people.

Episode 09 – Beyond the Stereotypes – The Power of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not just a teenage phase. They can impact anyone, and at any age. Dr. Joan Johnston, a Canadian physician specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, shares the complexities of this illness and how recovery is possible.

Episode 08 – Life and Work – Experience in Resiliency

Bouncing back after personal or professional hardship can be challenging. Canadian Senator Scott Tannas shares how to cultivate resiliency, from his experience facing the devastation of his home, business and community by a massive flood in 2013.

Episode 07 – The Cost of Doing Nothing about Mental Health in the Workplace

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mike Pietrus discusses the price employers and employees pay when mental health at work is ignored.

Episode 06 – Caring for the Caregiver

28% of Canadians provide unpaid care to a family member or loved one. This support can have significant physical, mental and emotional impact on the caregiver. Audrey Miller from Elder Caring Inc. shares care for the caregiver options.

Episode 05 – Addicted Teens – How Adolescent Brains Are Hijacked

Recent Canadian surveys indicate that as many as 1 in 6 teenagers between grades 7 and 12 are using prescription drugs for non-medicinal purposes. In our fifth episode, Addicted Teens – How Adolescent Brains Are Hijacked, we speak with Dr. Jackie Smith of the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre.

Episode 04 – Role Reversal – Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for an aging loved one is a very real possibility for all of us, as more than 1 in every 6 Canadians is now 64 or older. Audrey Miller from Elder Caring Inc. shares her expertise on how to help parents transition when more assistance is needed.

Episode 03 – Healthy Employers Create Healthy Workplaces

It’s nearly impossible to have a healthy workplace if the boss doesn’t encourage it. Benefits by Design (BBD)’s Mike McClenahan, knows firsthand the importance of becoming a healthy employer and he shares what he’s learned.

Episode 02 – Preventing Suicide – The Right Questions to Ask

The hard but necessary questions to ask when a loved one has thoughts of suicide. Mara Grunau and Robert Olsen of The Centre for Suicide Prevention get frank about what words and services can truly help.

Episode 01 – Workplace Wellness – It’s More Than You Think

The health of a business and its people is about much more than installing a staff room foosball table or paying for employee gym memberships. Leading workplace health and safety consultant Dr. Graham Lowe explains.

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