Measuring Successful Counselling Delivery at Arete: The ImpactMetrix


A person’s counselling journey doesn’t end with us when we connect them to their counsellor. We care that every touchpoint—from the first hello to the final word with their counsellor—is the best it can be. That’s why we’ve invested in research and tools that help us assess each touchpoint, including the impact made by our network of professionals.

Enter the ImpactMetrix: an analytic tool developed by independent research firm, Workreach Lab, that generates metrics for counsellors in the Arete Network based on their ability to form alliances with and produce positive mental health and workplace outcomes for their clients.


How are ImpactMetrix scores calculated and what do they mean?

We calculate an ImpactMetrix (IM) score for every counsellor in our network based on several measures, including client experiences and ratings collected through pre- and post-counselling surveys. Data for the IM scores is all independently collected and analyzed impartially for us by Workreach Lab.

Validation and analysis of IM scores along with other research data has shown that counsellors with higher IM scores had clients that showed greater improvements in mental health and workplace/life satisfaction from before to after counselling, increased likelihood of problem resolution and less likelihood of withdrawing from counselling or changing counsellors.


Why does it matter?

We rely on our network of professionals to deliver top-notch supports on our behalf, so having a quantifiable, evidenced-based way to prove that our network is amazing and consistently delivering the highest standard of care is incredibly important—and a significant differentiator for us in the industry.

The ImpactMetrix helps us to:

  • Ensure we’re matching our clients with counsellors who are likely to provide the best outcome for the challenges they’re facing.
  • Proactively manage the network by addressing concerns with counsellors showing lower or variable IM scores.
  • Impartially assess the aptitude of a large number of providers and simultaneously develop a preferred network for specific issues.
  • Refine our case management approach and counsellor matching in ways that improve the services we deliver and Arete client outcomes.
  • Ensure that the evaluation of our network is evidence based (statistically and empirically validated)
  • Ultimately improve the cost-effectiveness of our counselling services as we limit the number of clients seeking re-matches and realize other administrative efficiencies.

The short story is that we always want our clients and the counsellors who provide services to them to have stellar experiences. The ImpactMetrix makes it a little easier for us to do a great job of that.

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