Counselling Support That Suits You


Learn the many ways we work to offer inclusive counselling.

While we tend to think of picking an outfit as a simple task, there are actually lots of factors involved in the decision that can impact our whole day: if the forecast calls for rain, it’s not the time to rock suede shoes, and when there’s an important meeting on the agenda, we’re reaching for something other than a well-worn hoodie. The same can be said about finding the right type of counselling—there are lots of wonderful options available, but considering all the factors to determine what type of support is the best fit for you is crucial for a successful outcome.

Luckily, much like how Cher Horowitz’s futuristic, outfit-matching closet in Clueless helped her take the guesswork out of choosing the right look, Arete’s unparalleled, research-based matching process helps us find our clients the support that suits them. It’s just one of the many ways that the counselling services offered through our Employee Assistance Program are thoughtfully designed with each unique client in mind. With Arete, you can expect to…

…access support with ease.

Reaching out can already feel like a huge hurdle for individuals seeking mental health support, so we’ve made our intake process as accessible as possible. You can either call us and speak to one of our Clinical Coordinators—who will actively listen to your concerns with empathy and compassion—or complete our online intake form, which gathers all the information necessary to match you with a professional that best fits your needs. This includes choice of counselling modality: whether you’d prefer to connect with your counsellor in person (face-to-face), by phone, through virtual (video) sessions or a hybrid approach that includes more than one access option.

…find the right fit.

We touched on it briefly, but our matching process is so important, we had to share more details! The Arete Network includes an extensive, diverse group of counselling professionals from across Canada, with an array of specialties, therapeutic approaches and more. During intake, we’ll ask you to confidentially share details about your counselling and counsellor preferences. This information from clients, coupled with our ever-growing network, allows us to focus on creating exceptional matches. After all, when clients feel like their counsellor is the right fit for them, their counselling outcomes improve—and that’s great news for everyone.

…focus on resilience.

Our programs are designed to be goal-oriented and outcome-based. This means that no matter what prompted you to access services or the methodologies used by your counsellor, the focus is on the results and the therapeutic benefit you’ll get.

We also use a resilience model for counselling. This approach is mindful of various underlying causes for mental health concerns, including socio-cultural impacts like minority stress—a distinct form of ongoing stress, which is caused by the social impacts of being part of a marginalized group. Emphasizing resilience building empowers clients, regardless of where they begin their counselling journey, through developing skills that will help them navigate current and future challenges.

…feel self-assured and comfortable.

Opening up to someone new is difficult, even if they’re a professional, so we do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We’re committed to offering our clients sensitive, inclusive and informed support, and we expect these standards of practice from all professionals in our network.

You can choose to provide very specific details of what you’re looking for in a counsellor (like gender identity, lived experiences and spiritual background), which helps us match you with a professional that is right for you and the challenges you’re grappling with. We also ensure that our clients have the space they need to share without any pressure to disclose details they’re not comfortable with—we’ll never make assumptions about your identity or experiences. And because privacy and confidentiality are paramount to our work, you can have peace of mind knowing that details on the nature and content of your counselling sessions are private.

Arete’s human-centred approach means we recognize that every person has many facets that make them unique and always strive to provide care that feels just right. If you’re looking for compassionate, affirming and inclusive counselling support, contact us.

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