Critical Incident Stress Debriefing—Support When You Need it Most


Are you a business owner or leader and have access to business services with Arete? Fantastic. Most programs include access to Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) that offers support from a trained professional for traumatic incidents that affect the workplace.

When traumatic incidents happen, we’re often at a loss for where to begin to ensure staff get the support they need to process the event. Arete’s CISD offers:

  • Timely guidance. While not the same as 9-1-1 crisis services, it’s important to access support for your employees as soon as possible after a traumatic event. CISD aims to be conducted within 24-72 hours after the critical incident, or at a time that works best for your organization.
  • Professional support. A CISD-trained professional will help to design a plan that will best support those affected and the situation you’re facing, to lessen the likelihood of participants experiencing symptoms of trauma and stress after the event.
  • Risk mitigation. Businesses that experience unexpected traumatic events without timely access to supportive professional resources can face significant business risks, including short- and long-term impacts on employee productivity and mental well-being (including risks for disability).

And we know the program works. Results from independent surveys collected from businesses who accessed our CISD services in 2020 told us overwhelmingly (94%) that they felt the program was effective and helped them deal with the incident. Their experiences with our counselling professionals were equally positive across a multitude of measures (communicated effectively, was professional and credible, answered questions effectively, helped to process and cope with the incidents, provided useful information, etc.).

If you have access to Arete CISD support and are faced with a traumatizing work-related incident, know that the support you need for you and your employees is just a phone call away.

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